Chichen Itza Restaurant_FSVB

Chichen Itza Restaurant_FSVB

Traditional. Authentic. Handmade.

Traditional. Authentic. Handmade.


These are some of the words that best describe our food. Our goal is to make food that reminds us of the flavors of our hometown, this is the type of food you would eat if invited for dinner at a friends house in Yucatan. We go out of our way to use the best ingredients available. Some ingredients are brought in from Mexico, others like our "Pan Frances" bread, "Longaniza" chorizo and Achiote paste are made from scratch every day in our kitchen. We even cook our food the traditional way on a wood burning grill. That and the love for cooking, eating and preserving tradition is what makes our restaurant one of the few truly authentic Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles.


Pescado Playa Lancheros

One of our newest menu items.

Mesquite grilled whole branzino served with Pico de Gallo, Pickled onions, rice, beans and avocado.


Chichen Itza Restaurant

3655 S Grand Ave #C6,

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Phone. 213-741-1075

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